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For Macy Kate, 2015 was a whirlwind year that started strong and never let up, from world touring
with Google to new music releases and her many tier 1 brand deals, the 17 year old pop
singer/songwriter headed out on the road with YouTube stars Bethany Mota and Kurt Schneider for
the YTFF Tour Asia. They traveled the world through cities like Toronto, Singapore, Manila and Jakarta
and Macy landed her first single release "iH8 That" as an independent artist and garnered over 1
Million views on YouTube to wide acclaim and praise for it's catchy lyrics and melodic gutsy rock vibe,
right after her teen self esteem song dropped featuring Meghan Trainor "You Gave Me Love". Armed
with great music, she next took of on her tour bus for the legendary Vans Warped Tour and traveled
throughout the US, this time amazing crowds of 10,000 per tour date and sold out of her cool teen
merchandise as well as gained fans and drew in crowds for her shows.

After watching her social media numbers double and specifically her YouTube subscribers increase
three fold, brands like Disney, L'Oreal Paris, Old Navy, Samsung began requesting her appearance or
promotion of their products as a brand ambassador, including a electric guitar endorsement from
Daisy Rock Guitars, which added to her on line popularity. She also signed with Awesomeness TV
Network and began hosting the ultra popular teen talk show IMO and 17 on Seventeen Magazine's
Channel, where she gives relatable teen advice for the television network's followers.

Inspiring girls to believe in themselves and following their dreams, is a major theme on her tours and
is one of Macy's main mission's as one of the most popular teen pop-rock rising stars on YouTube.
"Today I feel like so many girls don't believe in themselves and are really harsh about their self image,
so one of the things I try to do is inspire teen girls with a girl empowered message. Macy also has
evolved since we first saw her nationally on ABC's popular reality television show Rising Star last
summer. "I'm all about girl power and believing in yourself while also just being you and chasing after
your dreams.

Through all of the excitement over the past year, one thing has stayed constant for Macy, the devoted
support of fans called "Macynators." spanning mostly in the teen age group and representing
countries across the globe, the Macynators have helped Macy to get on the Vans Warped Tour, rack
up almost 100K Facebook "likes" and over 230K Subscribers on YouTube. "Being active and real with
my fans is really important to me," says Macy of her social media presence. "I go through the same
day to day issues that they do, so I try to be an outlet and help out my fans in anyway that I can. They
help me get through the day and I try to help them. It makes our daily lives a bit brighter going
through stuff together."

Macy has been making her mark with the press with features on Good Morning America, Billboard
Magazine, Pop Star Magazine, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, NBC Good Day and more. Live national
performances include Aaron Carter, ABC Television, Austin Mahone, Bea Miller, Jacob Whitesides,
IM5, NBC, Universal, NFL, Playlist Live and VidCon.

January 15 - 20, 2018